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  Roy Thackerson

        Welcome to the Fiddlers Website!


Glad you took the time to stop in and visit with me.  In Texas, we sit a spell and get to know one another. My name is Roy Thackerson and everyone calls me "The Fingerless Fiddler." Thanks for your interest in my website and music!  Hope you enjoy your visit here and if you did please recommend my site to your family and friends.

The Fingerless Fiddler
Roy Thackerson

Roy Thackerson is not only amazing but is "incredible" when you realize the obstacles he has overcome and the many adjustments he has made in his life to become such a talented musician.

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Old Time Traditional Fiddle
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Roy's Left Hand

At the age of 6, Roy lost the sight in his left eye and fingers on his left hand to a dynamite cap explosion. As a result of these childhood injuries, Roy is unable to hold and chord any stringed instrument in the ususal fashion.


Roy is not only
an amazing fiddler,
but also an accomplished
guitar picker.
Several guitar selections
are featured on
Pickin' North of the Red River CD.


Gut Strap
Final Masterpiece

With the help from family and friends, Roy devised a contraption he calls the "GUT STRAP." He wears the gut strap similiar to a belt.   Instead of holding up his pants, the gut strap holds up the fiddle! Using a belt, Roy fastens the 'Gut Strap' around his waist. The cushioned arm holds the fiddle in place as he plays/frets over the top. A large rubber band is fastened over the scroll of the fiddle to keep it from 'floating' when pressure is applied as he frets 'over the top' of the fiddle.
           A very unique device for a very unique fiddler!

Sam Herring designed the original "gut strap" which was later tweeked by my nephew, Billy Troy Thackerson.  The final masterpiece, shown above, was custom made by James Rushing of Ranger, Texas.

               Peace comes not from the absence of conflict but the ability to deal with it!